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The Idea for Frisky Bear came in 2013 when I’d been home brewing for about 3 years. At home I always brewed exactly what I liked to drink, which were big, strong, hop forward IPA’s. At the time the craft scene was just getting started and in Leeds there wasn’t much to choose from.


Cut to 2016, and after 2 solid years of research and 6 months setting the brewery up in my garage whilst still working a full-time job, I launched Frisky Bear brewing Co on the 1st July.


Starting out with 1 recipe and a tiny 100L capacity, I started supplying mainly local to Morley Pubs/Bars/Restaurants etc. Word grew fast and within a year we quadrupled the size of the brewery!


I moved us into our current premises in August 2019 where we now have a working capacity of around 9000L per month and a big, rotating range of beers, available in Cask, Keg and Cans.


That first recipe we ever brewed is still with us and is known as Grizzly Bear (Known locally as “Grizzo”). A Mosaic hop led, West Coast IPA, and is a proper session beer! You can find it in our webshop.

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